What Our Parents are Saying

As a parent, choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make! Fourteen years ago my husband and I were faced with that decision and I was not 100% sold on going the parochial school route. After much contemplation we agreed that our son would attend Messiah Lutheran School for ONLY his kindergarten year and after kindergarten we would switch to a public school. To make a long story short, fourteen years later I can look back and proudly say choosing Messiah was the best 
decision we ever made. Our three children have had the privilege to attend a school that not only provides an excellent education but they were surrounded by teachers and a school family who truly cared for them! Messiah is our FAMILY and definitely a place our family calls HOME! 

~ Margaret & Doug

Messiah has a caring and loving environment with small class sizes, which allows opportunities for individual attention. Our daughter attended Messiah from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. The academic background Messiah provided was a great foundation for her high school years. Messiah has a well-rounded program including athletics, band, and choir. Messiah has been a blessing to our family. 

~ Debbie & Darrin

Messiah has been very instrumental in our children’s life. We currently have 2 children that have attended since Pre-K. They love going to Messiah where they can learn about Jesus. They feel comfortable and loved. The children receive a Christian education that sadly, can hardly be spoken of in public schools today. The school has been an incredible, positive experience. Messiah has dedicated teachers whose interest is in the students and focusing on the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. The staff has been very influential and teach the children life skills they will carry with them the rest of their lives. The strength of the 
education is not only in the academics, it is also in the values that are taught. These values encourage such attributes as integrity, commitment, respect, and service to others. Most importantly, the children hear the name of our Lord and Savior every day that they are attending here. God encourages us in Proverbs 22:16, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Messiah has truly been a blessing to our family and will provide forever lasting memories. 

~ Susan & Dennis

Our boys receive a quality education at Messiah, but primarily we appreciate the Christian environment in which they are taught. 

~ Becky & Tom

I sent my children to Messiah because I wanted assistance in raising them in a Christian atmosphere. MLS was a great help. I wanted my children reminded about what gets us through this life, who they can count on when things happen. Jesus, and Him alone. I wanted an environment where they could be a part of a school that not only taught Christianity, but where it was lived out daily. MLS emphasizes how Jesus wants us to behave as His children: with kindness, gentleness, goodness, self-control, patience, love and faithfulness. MLS re-enforces belief in Jesus as God’s Son and that His life, suffering, death and resurrection is our assurance of life with Him in Heaven. My children were taught and memorized parts of the Bible which helps to strengthen faith when God puts living it into motion. It touches my heart that my son has chosen to send his daughters to MLS for the same reasons we sent him there as a child. ~ Lois & Ronald
 When we moved to Independence 49 years ago, our main objective was to live close to a Lutheran school. Both Ray and I were able to attend Lutheran school in Concordia, MO and we wanted the same for our children. We have been truly blessed that both our daughter and son were able to attend MLS. At that time (in the 60’s and 70’s) we did not have 7th and 8th grades so it was off to public school for the junior high grades. One afternoon our son came home from the public school and said, “Mom, I’m so glad you sent me to the Lutheran school!” We have been blessed that both of our children and now three of our four grandchildren have gone through all eight grades at MLS (our youngest grandson is now in the second grade). I firmly believe in teaching children that God comes first in every aspect of life and that is what is being taught in all grades. They are given a firm foundation of God’s love for us and are taught that we must be willing to do as He commands. I highly recommend parents give their children the firm Christian foundation that is offered at Messiah, and hope and pray you will take advantage of the opportunity to enroll. ~ Rosemary & Ray
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