Messiah Lutheran School
is part of the Kansas City Lutheran Athletic League (KCLAL) and participates in the following sports:


 • Girls Volleyball ... Grades 5-8
 • Boys Soccer ... Grades 5-8


 • Girls Basketball ... Grades 4-8
 • Boys Basketball ... Grades 4-8


 • Track and Field ... Grades 4-8

Required for Participation in the MLS Athletic Program
  • Permission/Medical/Insurance Form completed and turned in by a parent or legal guardian
  • A one-time $75.00 Sports Fee per school year helps cover the costs of the athletic activities
  • Sports Orientation Meeting fully attended by coaches, parents or legal guardians and students
  • “Commitment of Compliance” a form signed and turned in by a parent or legal guardian and student stating that the Athletic Policies are understood and will be obeyed
  • Academic Requirements Maintained a 70% maintained in each class
Athletics at MLS are Different Than Other Schools
  • No Exclusions – no try outs, join the team and learn the game
  • Best Effort – using abilities to the glory of God
  • Extreme Sportsmanship – loving others over winning games
  • Skill Development – developing the skills God gave us
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